Humanities English, Welcome!

     Hello! My name is Ms. Dagilis and I'll be your student's English teacher.  I'm originally from Massachusetts, so I love the Patriots, Cape Cod and seafood! I've been teaching for 14 years in LAUSD, and I'm extremely proud to be a Nationally Board Certified teacher.  


Homework is given every Tuesday and can usually be found on this page BELOW in the white boxes.  Additionally, see below is the supplies list for our class. 




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HOMEWORK Gr. 8-May 21 - Make an INFOGRAPHIC of events from YOUR life so far - like the one you see below.  TEN events, with images/pics/symbols of any kind.



















































Gr. 7 -Tuesday, May 21

Watch a TV commercials (advertisement)  Then answer the questions below. 


You can answer the questions for different commercials IF you have no ability to PAUSE the commercial on youtube or directTV.  If you have to watch live TV, you can watch as many ads as you need to in order to answer all the questions.  


 1. What product or service is the commercial trying to sell?


2. Where was the commercial set? Describe the setting(s).


3. Who was in the commercial? Describe the people in the commercial.


4. What objects were in the commercial? Describe the objects.


5. What happened in the commercial? Provide as much detail as you can. 


6. Who is the target audience of the commercial? Explain how you know.


7. What is the message of the TV commercial? In other words, what do the commercial’s creators want the target audience to believe about the product?


8. What visuals techniques do the commercial creators’ use to convince us of their message? Pick two and explain how they help support the message.


Here is the link to the TITANIC story from our Literature book:

Jan 29:


3 pencils with erasers
1 pencil sharpener OR 2 packs of extra lead
1 folder (or binder with pockets)
1 four-colored pen (red, blue, black, green only) for color coded note taking - or a red, a black and a blue pen
1 spiral notebook (this also can be 1 section within a multi subject notebook or at least 50 sheets in a binder)
1 highlighter
1 glue stick

1 mini stapler with staples
1 set colored pencils

White Out

!! How to get to the LIBRARY DATABASES from


​To sign onto the school's Digital Database
​from outside the school, students need to follow the protocol:

1. Go to the Library Page
2.  Click on Digital Databases
3.  ***FIND THE
REMOTE ACCESS button at the bottom of the page (see below for a screen shot


      Follow the directions to login! It SAYS use

 your LAUSD email username and password!

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